Indoor Plant Trends 2019

indoor plant trends 2019

The houseplant interiors trend is going from strength to strength and won’t be stopping anytime soon. So, what are the indoor plant trends 2019?

Bigger, more mature indoor plants

Houseplants will become statement pieces in our interiors. Just as we invest in furniture so will also we invest in our greenery. Big, floor standing plants will become fixtures in our homes and workplaces – if they’re not already.

So when you next purchase a houseplant, consider investing in bigger and more mature plants.


Indoor plant trends 2019

Monstera ‘cheeseplant’ is still riding the waves of popularity. And rightly so – that leaf is just so iconic. You’ll find that being used in wall prints and in textiles for curtains and other soft furnishings.

But also making itself known in 2019 is the Schefflera a.k.a. the umbrella plant. This big and bushy plant fits the criteria for our indoor plant trends 2019. Use 

Sansevieria is still bringing it’s A-game to 2019. And because it’s considerably less thirsty than monstera, Sansevieria proves to be popular year-on-year. Floresy’s range of artificial plants includes several Sansevieria products including this yellow-green leaf variety and the tall container product pictured below:


Get creative with plant displays

A pot plant on your desk simply won’t do the 2019. The trend is to display a plant in a greater variety of ways:

Plants Stands

Plant stands are items of furniture solely for the purpose of display a plant. The great thing about plant stands is their versatility. You can move them about to suit you – or your plant’s – needs. Some plants aren’t happy in direct sunshine so your Peace Lily that was doing fine by the window during the winter will prefer a shadier spot come summer time. Likewise, you can also relocate plants away from radiators during the winter months.

Hanging plants

We’ve featured trailing plants on Floresy before. What better way can you bring instant height to your decor than by using a plant in a macrame hanger, I ask? Or how about dedicated wall selves that allow the tumbling foliage of a trailing plant to cascade down your walls?


Artificial plants are on trend

Of course, more indoor plants or bigger indoor plants will require ‘bigger’ maintenance. That is to say, plants need watering and some – like the Monstera – are rather thirsty creatures. So rather than burdening their clients will daily watering regimes, millennials and interior designers alike are increasingly switching to artificial plants.

Combing real plants with artificial plants is a fantastic way to increase the amount of greenery in our interiors. We all know the benefits of living in greener spaces but the maintenance overhead can prove problematic. Strive, therefore, for a balance between fake and real that is tailored to the amount of maintenance you can handle.

However, if you combine your real plants with the lifelike artificial plants from Floresy, you may find you can’t tell which ones need watering…


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