Floresy how to grow beautiful indoor orchids

Orchids look stunning and are the perfect addition to reception areas, offices and the home. Indoor orchids do have the reputation of being difficult to grow indoors. The good news is that following our guidelines, you will be able to enjoy watching your orchid thrive indoors and when they do, orchids can last a lifetime. Choose an orchid that does not need any special growing conditions and follow our easy steps for how to successfully grow indoor orchids. Indoor orchids are going to be one of the most popular indoor plants in 2021…

The ideal position for your orchid

The most important point for success with your indoor orchid is to choose where you are going to keep it very carefully. Orchids love plenty of bright, but not direct, sunlight and need about six hours a day. Placing your orchid near a north facing window will probably not be successful, but if you can find somewhere near a south or east facing window, this should work well and with the right position, for your plant, you will find that indoor orchids are easier to grow than you think!

Getting the watering right

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Orchids need to be watered once a week so it is important if you are planning to have orchids in a reception area, office or restaurant, that someone is placed on orchid duty otherwise the poor plant may not get enough water. Orchids need moist but not waterlogged soil. Feel the soil before you water. If the leaves start to turn yellow it means you are watering the orchid too frequently. You will find that this is the key point on how to successfully grow indoor orchids!

Fertiliser is essential

Orchids really thrive on a weekly feeding and there are a number of specialist orchid fertilisers available on the market. If you cannot find a specialist product, general flower fertiliser can be used but only 25% of the recommended amount. An easy and very successful alternative is to feed your orchid with coffee grounds or any left over coffee!

How to keep your orchid blooming

Floresy successfully growing indoor orchids

Keep the soil moist butt not waterlogged

Orchids bloom once a year for about four-eight weeks. The most common time for them to be in flower is in the autumn, but some bloom in the spring and others, in the winter.

When the flowers drop, you can leave the stem as it is. But it is more beneficial to snip it off carefully at a node – a small bump on the stem. Doing this will encourage the plant to produce another side stem which should bloom again.

Re-pot your orchid every year

To keep your orchid really happy, it is essential to re-pot the plant to a larger flowerpot every year as they need room for their roots to grow and also benefit from having fresh growing medium. You need to buy some that is particularly for orchids and to soak it in water for 24 hours prior to the re-potting.

Choose an appropriate flower pot and cover the drainage holes with a thin layer of small stones. Drain the new growing medium really well and fill the pot until it is one third full. Very gently tap the sides of the pot containing your orchid to loosen it and the plant and its soil ball should slide out easily. Carefully trim any roots that are clearly dead. Pop the plant in its new pot and fill the pot with soil to the rim. Water the plant well and add a little more medium if needed. Choose a stylish new plant pot cover that accentuates the beauty of your orchid. https://www.gardenista.com/posts/how-to-repot-orcHow to successfully grow indoor species

How to successfully grow indoor orchids – whatever!

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, growing orchids successfully indoors is not something you can achieve. Luckily, help is at hand! You may well have seen beautiful indoor orchids in a number of places and not been aware. Why not get a stunning faux orchid? They are beautifully made and are so realistic to look at that you could find yourself gently stroking their leaves….just to check!