Frankfurt Christmasworld Trends 2016-2017 – design by Modern Nature

Frankfurt christmasworld 2016 trends are inspired by modern nature

“The Clearest way into the universe is through the forest wilderness”

The theme for the Frankfurt Christmasworld international trade show 2015, was ’Ice hotel’. Exhibitors and visitors alike were wowed by the winter scene made rich and bountiful by all the wonderful displays. The setting may have been crisp and translucent because of the cold and frosty elements but in reality, the ambience was of happiness, surprise and abundance.

Christmasworld 2016 - flower lily arrangements 1

Frankfurt Christmasworld adopted the growing trend for returning to nature and using natural materials but with their own twist on it. The scene was certainly that of a forest brimming with all things that mother nature could provide. But this is forest a magical forest full of grottoes and fairy tales. Workshops, crafts and forest creatures that might be more than they appear. The only thing missing was the elves. Childhood memories were evoked and imagination fuelled by so many offerings and stalls ripe for exploration. Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a little magic.

christmasworld 2016 - floral arrangement trends 2016 2

Copper adds a decadent accent

Despite the icy theme, it isn’t a dark forest of hibernating through the winter – it’s a contemporary forest full of life. The colours are warm and luxurious and surprisingly intense. The greens stretch from a dark pine to vibrant leaf green. The browns start rich and deep then burst through into rusts and coppers.christmasworld 2016 -floral table arrangements 3

Copper is a theme seen through many of the designer stalls at Frankfurt Christmasworld 2015. The combination of copper and gold add decadence and opulence to the rustic textures of wood, leather and hessian. It’s a modern natural look perfect for Christmas and also for hoteliers and restauranteurs looking for a homely style that doesn’t compromise on luxury. A touch of glamour goes a long way. In contrast, more means more when it comes to the flowers.

christmasworld 2016 - floral arrangements for home decor 4

The arrangements are big, plentiful and everywhere! Colourful blooms are set against on-trend greys and the theme of copper and golds are reflected in the choice of flowers. And it’s an easy-to-follow look that you can create in your own home. In the kitchen, in the living room and even in your bathroom. Large plants will make you feel as if you were in the tropics whilst many smaller pots clustered together will add colour and tranquillity. Here is what is trendy at the moment:

christmasworld 2016 - christmasworld 2016 - flower arrangements white and green 5

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