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Be dramatic! Add a tree to your space!

Big really can be beautiful! Large indoor trees with their lush green foliage just cannot be beaten as the perfect way to change the whole look and character of a room instantly. Installing a tree in your reception area, restaurant or office space is like adding a large piece of furniture or a painting as it definitely makes a bold statement. It can also define the look of the space and become an interesting focal point.  Introducing a large indoor tree into your space links it to the beautiful natural world outside. So why not be dramatic? Add a tree to your space?

Popular indoor trees


If you like the idea of an indoor tree, it is best to consider its location before               

Be dramatic add a tree to your space plants

The Swiss Cheese Plant is an ideal low maintenance choice

you buy to ensure that the tree will be well-suited. It is a good idea to assess how much natural light your tree will enjoy. Most plants need bright spaces but no direct sunlight. Another important consideration is whether your chosen tree will need a humid environment. If the answer is ‘yes’ this will involve regular misting during the warmer months.


There are a wide variety of popular indoor plants that be bought in much larger ‘tree’ sizes measuring several metres in height. Some of them like Rubber plants (Ficus roberta) and Swiss Cheese Plants (Monstera deliciosa) are low maintenance and grow easily. Kentia Palms (Howea forsteriana) and the various different types of fig trees are other good choices. If you buy one of these, it is a good idea to transplant it into a much larger pot before settling it into its new home.


If your chosen position for a plant has plenty of sunlight, a citrus tree could be a fun choice and an olive tree will certainly create a lovely Mediterranean ambiance. The Karaka tree from New Zealand is another tree to consider, but this one will need a minimum temperature of 20ºC all year round. There are many different species to choose from. Be dramatic! Add a tree to your space that suits both your style and  the room you have available. The most popular indoor trees are shown here for inspiration: https://blog.mytastefulspace.com/2020/04/01/tall-indoor-plants/



Consider buying an artificial tree


Be dramatic add a tree to your space

An indoor tree is an ideal focal point

Real trees can of course take years to grow and many of them do need care and maintenance.If you want to add a tree to your space quickly, the popular alternative is a really good quality artificial tree. The trees are manufactured in an array of different sizes and styles. They are the perfect choice if you feel that a live tree might not get the TLC it deserves. You may want to give your space a makeover and need a sizable and beautiful indoor tree to complete the new look instantly.

With an artificial tree, you can think exotic! Bamboo is trending this year and a display of artificial bamboo is the perfect way to brighten a dull corner or create a little privacy in a restaurant. An artificial banana tree certainly adds interest to an office space or reception area. These looks so realistic that customers will be waiting for your tree to fruit! 

If you would like something more traditional, the laurel ball tree  and the double laurel ball tree both add style and interest to entrances and reception areas. Leafy Lady Schefflera Trees really help bring nature indoors and others in our range of artificial trees include wisteria, palm trees, Ficus and the Pachira Tree with its distinctive braided trunk.  All of our artificial trees are perfect for adding a ‘wow’ factor to your space and will enhance earthy colours or brighter palettes. The clever trick is to choose a tree that could naturally thrive in your chosen space.  Choosing your tree carefully will make it seem truly authentic.

When big means huge!


Does your creative side feels that a really large tree is needed for your restaurant? Do you think your guests would love to dine

Be dramatic add a tree to your space

An artificial tree gives your space impact without extra work

under a leafy canopy? Do you want your reception desk under an olive tree? Be dramatic! Add a tree to your space! You will be delighted to learn that both ideas are totally achievable! We have our own made-to-measure tree service and can create the most beautiful tree to your own specifications! The trees are carefully moulded so that they have authentic textures. We are happy to create the tree of your choice – Oak, Acer, Baobab to name just a few.

The only way you will know that one of our trees is faux is to touch its leaves. The trees are created by craftsmen and fully protected so that their colours do not fade over time. Artificial trees are easy to maintain all year through.  Artificial trees always look good…and just to tempt you, they are the ideal option for using indoors or out….


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