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10 great ways to give your home an autumnal makeover!



There are some lovely trending ideas this Autumn and many of them can be easily incorporated into your home, to give it a welcoming and cosy seasonal look. This season’s colour palette comprises of all the warm autumnal colours including burnt orange, golden yellow and the essential trending shade of dark forest green.


The décor and theme for the season is definitely nature-inspired with the aim of bringing outdoors indoors! Following so many long months of the global pandemic, many people have realised the importance of nature for their well being and what better way to celebrate its beauty than embracing the gorgeous array of autumn shades?


Here we bring you 10 clever ways to give your home a fashionable new look for Autumn 2021.

1. Incorporate the autumn palette


There are so many glorious seasonal colours to use


In many rooms, simply swapping throws, rugs and cushions can successfully change the character of your home. If you want a more dramatic change, why not paint one of the walls in  your living room one of the trending colours? Muted terracotta brings a truly seasonal warmth to a room and sandstone gold softens the sharpness of some décor. The top trending shade of forest green is certainly dramatic and creates a wonderful cosy ambience, but can make a room feel much smaller.


2. Think colour!


Layering’ is the buzz word in interior design and this means choosing an assortment of different patterns for use in a room but in similar tones. This design idea works particularly well in a living room as it can inject seasonal colour into a neutral palette – a great example is an assortment of new cushions in various patterns all containing forest green – this will definitely inject a dramatic new feel to your room and can be emphasised with the addition of new lush indoor plants, candles and a throw.


3. Think texture!


Texture is really important this season and works well with the new bolder fashion colours. Natural textiles are important and can be introduced into a room with wool rugs, throws and cushion covers. Textured rugs for the floor in the season’s autumnal colours work really well too and as well as enhancing the autumnal character, will be great for bare feet on colder days too. 

4. Personalise your home


Antique treasures can be successfully combined with modern furniture


The pandemic has made many people stop and take stock of their lives and to realise what family items they really treasure. Family heirlooms have become very important to many and a clever mixture of old family heirlooms and contemporary pieces has started to appear. A single statement piece of antique furniture can sit comfortably alongside other contemporary pieces.

Silver is the trending metal this season, so there is plenty of opportunity to display old silver photographs, vases, candlesticks and ornaments.


5. Consider a statement piece of furniture


To help develop the autumnal colours in your rooms you can transform some old pieces of furniture by upcycling them and painting them in one of the season’s new colours. If you prefer you can transform old wooden chairs and tables by staining the wood.


6. Add a room divider



Stylish room dividers add character and flexibility to a room

The lockdown certainly made many of us adapt our homes so they could be multi-functional and able to accommodate people working remotely from home, children on distance learning and still provide a leisure area for different generations – quite a task! Many people found that room dividers were perfect for using in open plan spaces to create smaller personal areas and the trend is continuing this autumn. There are many different fold away room dividers on the market to suit all styles of rooms. Alternatively, you can use a single large piece of furniture such as a blanket chest or sideboard to create the divide.


Indoor plants have enjoyed a bumper year as they have been so fashionable and if you have the space, a long trough of indoor plants provides an ideal room divider that gives privacy, lets in light and is in the season’s popular colour of forest green! If you feel that you are absolutely hopeless where indoor plants are concerned, consider using artificial plants as they look so realistic and they are impossible to kill!


7. Transform your kitchen!



The latest styles for kitchens are rustic and characterful

After several years of sterile looking minimalistic kitchens, the new fashion statement is ‘cottage style’ which certainly has more character! Gone are the pristine white cupboards and these are replaced by darker cupboards in the colour of your choice or dark stained wood. White marble worktops are also being replaced with beautiful stone surfaces with more colour – but must still be kept totally clutter free! The latest ‘must haves’ include large statement wooden tables and attractive features such as old-fashioned scales complete with weights!


8. Give your bedroom a makeover!


Beautiful snowy white bed linen has been popular for a while now, but this Autumn is being given a softer touch with the addition of soft-coloured, textured cushions and throws and plenty of natural materials for accessories including bamboo and rattan as well as seagrass rugs.


Indoor plants and flowers are introducing a lovely natural theme in the bedroom, but choose plants with dark green foliage and white or neutral coloured flowers. Again, if you have problems caring for indoor plants, cheating by using beautiful artificial plants is definitely the winning way!


9. Introduce natural fabrics wherever possible



Tactile colourful soft furnishings in natural fibres are the perfect seasonal addition

Nothing beats the introduction of natural fabrics and materials to enhance this season’s nature -inspired fashions. The careful introduction of tactile natural fabrics such as bamboo, cane, sisal and jute can easily transform a room and give it the relaxed ambiance of the seaside on a sunny day which is perfect as winter draws in!


If you don’t want to introduce large pieces of furniture into your rooms or don’t have the space, smaller accessories such as lampshades, waste paper baskets and plant pot covers are all really cheap but can develop the theme well.


If you are embracing the natural theme, why not think about reducing your global footprint at the same time and scour charity shops, online market places and garage sales to find the perfect pieces second hand?


10. Indoor plants are the perfect addition!



Beautiful indoor plants definitely bring nature into your home


2021 is proving a bumper year for indoor plants so why not introduce plenty to your home this autumn? Indoor plants are cheap, cheerful and the perfect way to bring life to a room or gloomy corner! Add a plant somewhere new like an empty kitchen windowsill, empty corner of the hallway, on the landing or in the bathroom. Choose the type of plants carefully so that they are the ideal species for your chosen spot. If you are adding plants to your kitchen, why not add a row to the windowsill? What better than an array of fresh herbs that you can quickly snip to add flavour to your meals?


This season, why not bring the outside inside? You will be delighted with the results!




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