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Artificial Bamboo Trees at Floresy are versatile, practical and decorative.

Bamboo is a mystical plant deeply rooted in Chinese culture and other countries across Asia. To the Chinese, it represents integrity and means friendship in India. Some folktales from around the world include either a baby or a beautiful woman that emerges from a bamboo stem…

Rare-blooming, bamboo is actually a grass and is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Some species grow at rates of up to 90cm in a 24 hour period. It is lightweight, strong but flexible and very versatile. It can be used in place of wood as anything from rafts and skateboards through to fishing rods and scaffolding. Modern Western interiors see bamboo used in flooring, furniture and kitchen utensils. Bamboo suggests peace and tranquillity. It is also used to create natural textiles for clothing. And no self-respecting English garden is without Sweet Peas growing up a wigwam of bamboo canes.

So, needless to say, this plant is rather special.

artificial bamboo tree indoor

At Floresy, we offer a wide choice of artificial Bamboo Tree products. Bamboo is consistently one of our most popular selling plants. Just as the natural form lends itself to many uses, our artificial bamboo products are just as versatile. Bamboo works well both indoors and outdoors. One of it’s most versatile qualities from a design point of view is that it is both decorative and architectural. Here are some design ideas to give inspiration of how to use bamboo in your domestic or commercial setting.

Artificial bamboo as a space divider

You can use artificial bamboo to divide specific areas. Subdividing large spaces creates smaller, more usable “rooms” without losing the scale of the space.  For an example, rows of bamboo will create smaller, more discrete spaces. This quickly and cost-effectively solves the demand for more meeting rooms that many open-plan offices can’t deliver. For a large outdoor space – for example, a swimming pool terrace – you can use potted bamboos to separate the pool from the terrace giving bathers greater privacy. Using bamboo like this creates a sense of order and privacy in an otherwise open space. It retains the sense of space and doesn’t adversely affect light conditions. Plus it is exotic yet calming.

artificial bamboo wall screen

Artifical bamboo as a screen

Try using a bamboo screen to disguise or hide something. You can use a line of plants to hide an unsightly or unattractive wall, for example. Likewise, you can use bamboo’s natural beauty to bring interest to an otherwise boring and plain area. Because bamboo is tall, it is useful for screening larger areas. During a refurbishment, artificial bamboo offers a flexible and attractive choice to temporarily screen the work.  Plus, being artificial you can store them when not in use.

Artificial bamboo as a decorative feature

Simple decorations of bamboo are perfect for interiors with a minimalist style. By placing bamboo poles in a modern vase act you can create a frugal and honest display. Or, place the bamboo close to a wall to add some colour and interest. The leaves of bamboo add texture whilst the tall stems bring instant height. You can easily create a gentle atmosphere of harmony with a well-chosen bamboo.

artificial bamboo office reception


Our artificial bamboos are perfect for anyone who wants to add more greenery to a room. They are great for areas which are too dark for real plants. Being artificial means they are more flexible in how you choose to use them. Plus, they are portable so can adapt to changes in a rooms purpose, layout or design. And, very unlike a real plant, pop them in the cupboard when not in use. Our artificial bamboo is the best faux bamboo you can find. Available to buy in sizes ranging from 60cm to 300cm in height, Floresy has artificial bamboos to suit every location.

If you would like advice about designing your space with artificial plants or faux tall trees, please contact us here.