Artificial Plants for Exhibition Stands

Do you need artificial plants, flower arrangements or trees for an exhibition stand?

If you are exhibiting as part of a trade show you need your booth to stand out against the competition. Using artificial plants as part of your display will liven up your booth and lend it a more memorable and intimate atmosphere, while also streamlining logistics.


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The benefits of using our Artificial Plants include:

  • Staying fresh. For booths that move from show to show, live plants are simply not cost-effective. Artificial plants will not wilt or lose their leaves, they can be shipped easily without any worries about harming the plant, and can be used from year to year.
  • Creating themes. Artificial plants can be used to convey and reinforce your company’s branding and message.
  • Providing scale. Trade show ceilings are often too high and it’s therefore difficult to properly define and scalean exhibition. Artificial trees create smaller and more intimate settings and can help to more clearly define the area of your display.
  • Easy packing and shipping. Artificial trees can be easily disassembled, packed, reassembled, shipped in crates, and stored away compactly to be used year after year.

Any company exhibiting at trade shows knows how expensive it can be: from carpets and electricity to hotel rooms and rental cars. Using our artificial plants in your display will create memorable booth themes while also saving you time and money.

Nothing can bring an event to life like plants used to adorn and decorate it. From floral centre-pieces to beautiful trees standing proudly overhead, the right plant design can truly change the ambiance of your exhibition stand and create an atmosphere of calm in amongst a bustling trade show. Potential clients will feel drawn to your booth and will be left with a positive first impression of your company.

If you want to see all artificial trees or grasses in our offer, click here: Artificial Trees or Artificial Grasses. You may be interested in Artificial Flower Arrangements.

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Bespoke Design Services

On top of our beautiful products, we also offer a full design service.

You can take advantage of our extensively experienced designers who will work with you to create a truly memorable exhibition booth. Whether you already have a completed design and need ideas and inspiration about how to include greenery into the space, or if you need the space designed from the beginning, we can provide you with unique and creative solutions.

We can help you to create beautiful and sleek themes for your exhibition and can advise you on the most efficient spatial layout of your booth. Even in the smallest of spaces, we can provide innovative solutions

  • Ideal Home Show


  • Cruise


  • Internet World


  • Clothes Show Live


  • LRO Show


  • Bauma


  • MCE


  • Agritechnica


  • Ambiente


  • Anuga


  • I Saloni


  • CeBIT


  • Automechanika


  • InterMat


  • Medica


Our technicians will provide you with all the assistance you need to install and implement our designs into your booth. They can show you the best methods for assembly, disassembly and reassembly, and will provide any further technical assistance you require.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your project in further details please contact us.