Top Twelve Fake Plants as an Alternative to the Real Ones

Once upon a time, the office was a boring space where the focus was on uniform arrays of soulless desks. Today, offices are much more interesting spaces. An increasing number of businesses and commercial designers are treating the office is more like a professional home aka the resimmercial trend.

A conference room like a metro station

A traditional conference room has a large table around which employees sit and discuss many important issues – that’s what a conference room should look like, right? When an office adopts more creative designs, the result is a conference room like a park or indeed a metro station.

Pot plants and arrangements should also be included in the workplace. Adding greenery or other natural elements into our workplaces has measurable benefits including increases in productivity and employee wellbeing.

Real or fake?

Our artificial plants and flowers look like real ones. Manufactured from high-quality materials, they can compete directly with the real ones plus are much easier to maintain. Plants and flowers will guarantee a better mood and a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace.

Faux plants for interiors

We spend most of our day indoors. Our man-made structures of concrete and glass whilst fit for purpose are not natural environments. Adding green brings us closer to nature.

When we feel closer to nature, we feel happier. So the introduction of plants to building interiors improves our mental and physical well-being. Combine this with a good choice of the type of plant in a scheme-appropriate pot and you have a successful interior design that is both beneficial and looks great.

Green improves mood, improves productivity and boost creativity. We are more relaxed and less stressed when close to green and natural elements. Our high-quality artificial plants and our range of stylish pots will allow you to easily and cost-effectively add biophilic design elements to your interiors.

See below for some of the most popular products in our top twelve fake plants. Or use the links to read more about our products and services.

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