How We Create Hand-Made Artificial Flower Arrangements in Our Collection

artificial flower arrangements workBespoke Artificial Flower Arrangements Process

What we love the most in our work is creating bespoke arrangements of artificial flowers. In most cases, these are floral arrangements on special orders. Clients will send us a detailed brief, such as the style of the space and where the arrangement will stand. This information is essential to achieve a successful end product.

bonzai studio session

bonzai during studio session

We spend the largest portion of time creating the arrangement, especially if it has a large number of flower or plant elements. We also dedicate appropriate time to choose and produce the appropriate pot or planter.

When the arrangement is complete we then photograph it at one of our professional photo sessions. We send the resulting pictures to our customers for approval. If necessary, we can make modifications to the product as per any feedback we receive. Photos are then retaken and sent for approval. Once accepted, the packaging procedure begins.

We pack very carefully so that we can be sure that each product will reach the customer in perfect condition. This is one of the more laborious activities – but very necessary to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.