Advice on choosing artificial plants from Decor UK

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At Floresy, we are always developing new artificial plants for use in a variety of interiors. Many of our products offer great flexibility in the style of designs, rooms or businesses they look great in. Whereas others, like some of our bigger plants or our bespoke tree service, require more considered placement. So we like to also provide advice on choosing artificial plants from our extensive range of products.

We have many ideas for how our products can be used to enhance your interiors and therefore boost the customer experience of your business. The customer experience is important because it increases sales, recommendations and helps repeat business.

To ensure that each purchase from Floresy will have maximum benefit for your business, we like to provide as much information about planning a room, scheme or renovation as possible. Such as how to work within an existing scheme or how best to design an open-plan area.

So below you will find some tips on just that. Or, for more design ideas, you can look at our blog. If you are unsure of your choices, you can always ask us for advice – we will be happy to help you.

Links to advice on choosing artificial plants: