Privacy policy and the rules for using of the website

  1. This Privacy Policy determines the rules of processing of personal data collected through the online Shop, hereinafter referred to as “the Shop”.
  2. The owner of the shop and the database administrator is:
    Wandenmeer Ltd, 71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ. Co. Reg. Nr: 10049352,
    hereinafter referred to as Decor UK.
  3. The Decor UK company makes special care to respect the privacy of customers who visit the Shop.

1 § How do we collect data?

  1. The Decor UK company collects information concerning:
    • individuals engaged in legal activity which are not directly related to their business,
    • individuals engaged in their own business or performing professional activities,
    • individuals representing any legal persons,
    • organizational units not being legal entities, which have the legal capacity according to the law, having their own business or performing professional activities,
      together referred to as Customers.
  2. Customer’ personal data are collected in the case of:
    • registering an account in the Shop;
    • placing any order in the Shop.
  3. In the  case of  registration  of  an account in the Shop, the Customer will give the following information
    • e-mail;
    • first name and surname.
  4. When an account is registered in the Shop , the Customer independently determine an individual password to access its account. The Customer can change the password later, on the terms described in §4.
  5. In the case of placing the order  in the Shop, the Customer will gibe  the following information:
    • e-mail;
    • address:
      • post code and city;
      • country;
      • street and house/apartment number.
    • first name and surname;
    • telephone number.
  6. In the case of Entrepreneurs, the above data are extended by the following information:
    • the entrepreneur company;
    • tax identification number (VAT).
  7. When you use the website of the Shop they may be taken additional information, in particular: the IP address assigned to a Customer’s computer or external IP address of the ISP, the domain name, the browser type, time of access, the type of operating system.
  8. They can also be collected from Customers some navigation data, such as information about links and references, they decide to click on or other activities that are performed in our Shop.

§ 2 How do we use collected data?

  1. In the case of registration of an account in the Shop, the Customer data are used to create an individual account and to manage this account.
    • In the case of purchase in the Shop, the  personal data may be transferred to the courier company to deliver the ordered goods.
  2. The navigation data can be used to ensure the Customers better service, data analysis, statistics and adaptation of the Shop to Customer preferences, as well as to ensure the Shop administration.

§ 3 The cookies mechanism, IP address

  1. The Shop uses small files called cookies. They shall be stored by the Decor UK company on the computer of a Shop visitor, if the Internet browser allows it. A cookie typically contains the name of the domain, it is from , its “expiration time” and individual random number that identifies the file. The information collected via this type of files help to adapt the products offered by the Decor UK company to individual preferences and the actual needs of the Shop visitors. It also gives the opportunity to develop general statistics of visits concerning presented products in the Shop.
  2. The Decor UK company uses two types of cookies:
    • Session cookies: at the end of the session of the browser or after turning off your computer the stored information is deleted from the device memory. The mechanism of the session cookies does not allow to collect any personal data or any confidential information from the Customers computer.
    • Persistent cookies: are stored in the device of the End Customer and remain there until they are deleted or until they expire. The mechanism of the persistent cookies does not allow to collect any personal data or any confidential information from the Customer’s computer.
  3. The Decor UK company uses its cookies to:
    • authorize the Customer in the Shop and ensure Customer session in the Shop (after logging in), so the Customer does not have to  re-enter the login and password on every sub-page of the Shop;
    • analyze, study and audit of visits, and in particular to create anonymous statistics that help to understand how Customers use the website of the Shop and allow to improve its structure and content.
  4. Decor UK company uses external cookies to:
    • advertise the Shop using the social networking site called
      • administrator of external cookies: Facebook Inc., having its registered office in the US or Facebook Ireland having its registered office in Ireland;
    • collect general anonymous and static data via analytical tools called Google Analytics
      • administrator of external cookies: Google Inc., having its registered office in the US;
    • show multimedia information on the Website, which are downloaded from an external website
      • administrator of external cookies: Google Inc., having its registered office in the US;
    • present ads tailored to customer preferences through a web tool called Google AdSense
      • administrator of external cookies: Google Inc., having its registered office in the US;
  5. The mechanism of cookies is safe for the computers of the Shop Customers. In particular, this is not a path through which the viruses, other unwanted software or malware can have access to the Customer’s computer. However, the Customers have the option in their browsers to limit or disable access of cookies to computers. If you use this option, the access to the Shop will be possible except the functions which, by their nature, require cookies.
  6. If the Customer does not wish to receive cookies, he/she may change the browser settings. We warn that if you disable the cookies required for authorization processes, security, maintenance of preferences, it may be difficult, and in extreme cases it may impossible to use this website. 
  7. The Decor UK company may collect Customers` IP addresses.
    IP address is the number assigned to the computer of a Shop visitor by the ISP. IP number enables the access to Internet. In most cases, this number is assigned dynamically to the computer, ie. it changes each time you connect to the Internet and therefore it is regarded commonly as a non-personal identifying information.                    

    • The IP address can be used by the Decor UK company only to:
      identify the technical problems with the server,
    • create statistical analysis (eg. determine the regions where the most visits are from)
    • make the information useful for the administration and improving of the Shop,
    • secure and identify  unwanted automatic programs for viewing content of the Shop, which overload the server.
  8. The Shop contains links and references to other websites. The Decor UK company is not responsible for the privacy policies applicable to them.

§ 4 Data access and security

  1. Personal data collected by the Decor UK company through the Shop are processed in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997. Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Law 2014.1182 j.t.).
  2. Access to personal data collected through the Shop have only authorized employees of the Decor UK company.
  3. The Decor UK company ensures the Customers, who have an account, a continuous access to their personal data and the ability to modify it at any time. Access and modification of personal data is possible after logging in to the account in the Shop. The Customer can remove personal data from a database. The Decor UK company may refuse to remove Customer’s data if the Customer violated rules which are applicable in the Shop, and this data is required to explain all circumstances and determine the responsibilities, and in particular to claim damages from the Customer.
  4. The Decor UK company never sends any letters, including e-mail asking for the login details, in particular the password the Customer’s account.

§ 5 Data we process

Processing data can mean collecting, storing and using your data. We only do so to perform tasks you want us to perform. These include one or more of the following:

  • Processing your orders, including delivery, servicing and installation, product recalls and warranties
    • name, address, telephone number, email
  • Sending you reminders you requested
    • mobile number, email
  • Offering product and after-sales support and returns
    • Email, telephone, any supporting information such as address
  • Maintaining your online logbook
    • Name, email
  • Processing job applications
    • Any details shared in your CV, such as name, address, date of birth, etc.
  • Newsletters (opt-in)
    • Email
  • Customer Survey (opt-in)
    • Email and product details
  • TrustPilot (opt-in)
    • Email and order details
  • Your public profile on our forum
    • The details in your user profile

We do not store any payment data such as credit or debit card numbers on our servers. Instead, we use third party payment processors who have been vetted to meet the highest security standards.

To help prevent fraud and diagnose errors, your IP address may be recorded in our web logs.

We also process some data in a statistical manner through Google Analytics to understand how we can improve our web site for visitors and present products and information that is relevant and record visitors coming from adverts. IP addresses and referring URLs are used to achieve this.

We do not sell or share your data with any third parties. Some external companies are contracted by us to achieve tasks such as delivery and online payments and where we have to share customer information with them, this is covered by a Data Protection Contract.

We will only contact you to communicate with you about your order, product or service we offer or in any other situation you’ve specifically requested us to do so. We might also contact you if products you purchased from us or are serviced by us are due to be serviced again. We regard this as a step to keep you safe. Please let us know if you do not want to be reminded of service dates.

Most order information will be retained for 15 years. Because we deal with safety products and due to many items having extended warranty periods and the significance of possible safety recalls, we have come to the conclusion that it is in our customers’ interests for us to securely store this data to be able to support them in the future. This data will not be used for any other purpose, including marketing, except where explicitly requested by you.

We do not record any telephone conversations, however, line managers will occasionally listen-in to conversations to help our staff improve their communication skills and level of service to you.

§ 6 Your rights

The data we process belongs to you. We want you to understand your rights and what options you have. You can make a request to view, erase, modify or restrict processing of data we hold about you and, where there isn’t a legal obligation stopping us from doing so and where the request is reasonable, we will process your request within 30 days at no charge.

Please send requests to office001 [at]

You also have the right to complain to your local supervisory authority.

Learn more about security.

§ 7 Changes of Privacy Policy

  1. Privacy Policy may be changed.
  2. Questions about Privacy Policy should be addressed to: office001 [at]
  3. The date of last modification 03.08.2018.