Stabilized Plants

green wall, vertical gardenStabilized plants and flowers that are immune to the passage of time. The unique plant stabilization process allows them to consistently preserve their beautiful appearance for many years. A walk through a garden-like shopping centre, relaxing under palm trees at an airport or a paradise spot in a swimming pool or a beauty salon – yes, all that is at your fingertips. The ‘Everlasting Flowers’ stabilized trees are an opportunity to create natural and beautiful space in which everyone will feel great.

Stabilization is an innovative process to which the most beautiful and magnificent flowers and plants are subjected. Selection of the applied technology is a guarantor of respect for the environment – starting from production of plants, their care, and ending with decorations. During the stabilization process natural juices of plants are replaced by a stabilising solution. This solution stops the further course of naturally occurring events – plants do not lose their freshness for many months or even years. What is more, they do not require any care, for example, watering, pruning or replanting.

Our stabilized plants dazzle with shine, delight deep colours, and surprise with consistent firmness and flexibility. This prestigious project allows to enjoy the beauty of flowers even for people suffering from allergies. Our plants are resistant to mould and mildew. They cannot be covered with dust.

stabilized plants, infographic

We are proud to present their uniqueness and high quality by inviting business and individual clients to cooperate with us.

Some people like everything that is natural, friendly and intriguing. Stabilized plants and trees are a brilliant solution for any building, especially restaurants or hotels. They bring harmony and cohesion and, above all, carry an important message – feel yourself at home! A wide range of plants allows for making a variety of arrangements which will be unique and will create an atmosphere in which everyone will feel well.

Relaxation in a spa, and a bath in a swimming pool will be well complemented by beautiful plants in the surroundings that will transform your rest into a hedonistic approach to yourself. Enliven the empty spaces of swimming pools and wellness salons by adding stabilized plants that will result in harmony attracting those who look for aesthetic beauty.

Click here to open PDF file: Artificial Green Walls Catalog 


Made company’s logo using stabilized plants

Originality and innovation are characteristics of a good logotype which will raise recognisability, and will be a company’s representative asset. A perfect logotype is one that will be custom made, unique, and surprising.

Plastic moss – stabilized in the hands of our florists – takes on incredible forms and shapes. With this material we can create an entire logotype or integrate your project into a natural casing which will create a sophisticated background for the main graphics.

Mounting a finished product takes a few moments, and you are given two options at your disposal: finishing a logotype in a particular place or delivering it ready-made to be mounted.