Artificial Flower Design

Our company has experience in implementing artificial flowers projects for restaurants and hotels. Depending on the atmosphere we adapt our arrangements to a given concept, as well as the environment. We carry out both large and small orders.

Below there are samples of arrangements made with the use of artificial flowers – greenery, plants, trees, floral arrangements inside and outside.

Artificial plants are a perfect match for natural vegetation to create a harmonized whole. These are the most common combinations. By combining fresh and artificial flowers we get a spectacular visual and natural effect. More importantly, we reduce maintenance costs of fresh flowers.

There has been increasing interest in artificial flowers from year to year. Artificial plants are more often combined with live plants or trees. Currently, we also provide services where the entire project is implemented using artificial flowers.

A note of exoticism and positive extravagance brings harmony, enlivens the interior and conjures up a unique and optimistic atmosphere. Raw interiors enriched with artificial decorations will take on a completely different and more attractive look. The use of alternatives in the form of artificial trees and plants in care centres or hospitals can bring tangible benefits. Live plants often contain harmful bacteria and insects that have an adverse effect on the immune system by weakening it. Artificial plants can be a perfect solution that will make the stay more pleasant for patients.

Artificial trees and flowers in offices and corporate lobbies are popular as well. By placing them in special casings or pots we give the interior a unique character. Such arrangements are characterized by elegance, class and attention to detail.

Artificial trees and plants can also be resistant to UV rays which is why there are more and more projects of arrangements outsidebalconies, terraces, windows and entrances.