Our Story – Katarzyna Piatek

I’m founder and owner of Decor UK company

Katarzyna PiatekAll my life I have been inspired by flowers. The combination of beauty and delicacy evokes in me the wonder for the natural world, which I would so often wish to keep just for myself.

It is not always possible to have some varieties of flowers at home in my case. The problem is that I am allergic and the allergy is caused by fertilizers, pesticides, and even their natural scent.

I have also realized that a lot of people suffer from problems very similar to mine: they wants to decorate the interior whit some floral compositions without exposing themselves to any health predicaments. Artificial flowers proved to be the best alternative.

Initially I thought that it was a too far-reaching compromise. I could not be more mistaken. Among many pour counterfeits of nature, I found high-quality items, perfectly imitating real flowers and indistinguishable at first glance, even in the touch.

It gave me the idea of making compositions from artificial flowers on demand. I would like to share my passion with you. If you would like to exchange experiences or to express your opinion, you are cordially invited to contact me and cooperate.

– Katarzyna Piatek –