Indoor plants are the perfect addition to your home as they can make any space look luxurious and transform it into an attractive leafy oasis. How you display your indoor plants is important as this will affect their dramatic impact. If you have plenty of space, adding indoor plants to decorate it is easy, but if space is limited, there are some ingenious ways to display them to add character to your rooms. Here are our clever ideas for 10 great ways to display indoor plants.

1. Use wall planters


Use wall space to display plants

If floor space is limited, a great alternative is to hang planters on the wall to display your indoor plants. One large planter with a beautiful trailing ivy looks lovely or you can complement the ivy by grouping it with a pretty wall mirror and large sun hat.

Alternatively, you can choose a group of smaller wall planters that are in the same or toning colours. White always looks good, but a shade that emphasises the colour scheme of the room also works well. The perfect choice of indoor plants for wall hangers are a variety of succulents or plants with different coloured foliage such as crotons and leopard lilies as these add interest.

2. Wall shelves are perfect too

Instead of arranging your books on your wall shelves, why not use a variety of indoor plants or a mixture of both to create an interesting display? Choosing plant pots in the same colour, but different shapes and sizes looks really cool. A selection of pots in different styles of wicker or textured metal looks really stylish.

3. Hang a plant from the ceiling!


one of the great ways to display your indoor plants

A huge Boston or Maidenhair fern in a hanging basket always introduces a ‘wow’ factor to a space. The hanging basket needs to be in a light spot, but away from direct sunlight. A regular misting will help keep your fern looking good. If you want an easier indoor plant to care for, a large spider plant will look equally good.

If you hunt carefully, you may find some really stylish hanging mini-glass terrariums. Three of these, suspended in a group at different heights or in a straight line, can look both innovative and stylish.

As with all our ideas, if you do not have the time to dedicate to carrying for indoor plants, why not invest in a beautiful artificial fern or other trailing plant as it will look so realistic, will be regularly admired and save you all the effort.

4. Cheer up your staircase!

If your staircase is wide enough and in light position, why not add an indoor plant to the side of each step for fun? Good tempered succulents work well as you need to choose plants that grow upwards and do not trail. To add colour, Kalanchoe and African violets with their colourful flowers will look good. If you prefer, you can select a variety of leafy plants with foliage of different colours.

5. Jazz up all your rooms with plants


Add style to your kitchen

Bathrooms can be transformed into a gorgeous oasis by plants to the windowsill, on shelves or if space is tight- hanging from the ceiling. Check plant labels for the best choices as the atmosphere in the bathroom is regularly warm and humid. Pothos, calathea, ferns and Aloe Vera are all good choices.

Good tempered indoor plants can add style to the kitchen too – especially as they can be used to complement the current minimalist style perfectly.

Bedrooms can benefit from the addition of some plants and of course, they are healthy to have as they replace carbon dioxide with oxygen. 

6.  Add drama to your living room

If you have the space, one really large indoor plant can look dramatic in your living room. As well as choosing a large and suitable indoor plant for your space, care must be taken to buy the correct decorative plant pot. Ideally, the pot needs to complement the décor and character of your room, but also it needs to complement your chosen plant and accentuate the beauty and colour of its leaves. Dragon tree, Birds of Paradise, Swiss cheese plant) and even olive trees are all large plants/ indoor trees that will make certainly a statement and add  character to your room!

7. Use plant stands for extra style

If you have a corner that needs decorating, why not add three or four different indoor plants and use matching plant stands in different heights to add interest to your display. Snake plants, Yucca and Peace Lilies are all good choices. Simply styled plant stands in metal will accentuate the beauty of your plants and not detract from them – which is ideal.

8. Or add a small step ladder!


Be clever with plant displays

You may well be able to find a three/four step ladder with broad enough steps to take plant pots, books and anything else. This type of display looks really good when placed at an angle in the corner of the room and will give you a surprising amount of storage space – with indoor plants of course added too! If you prefer, you can use the steps just for displaying all your houseplants and this can be equally eye-catching. 

9. Use indoor plants to add interest to hallways

Unfortunately, hallways often become a general dumping ground for coats and footwear. Why not have a big tidy up and add some style to the area? A long wooden trough on legs placed against the wall and will look really attractive with a few tall leafy plants in different colours and textures. If you have space, a bar trolley is another display option. If the hallway is a little dark for plants to thrive, artificial plants could be the perfect solution.

10. Have fun with your plants!


Be crafty with plant pots!

If you don’t want to splash out on new plant pot containers, or feel like doing something completely

different and slightly wacky, indoor plants can be displayed in many different types of containers which can certainly add fun! In Greece and other countries, outdoor geraniums are often potted up and displayed in olive oil canisters.

Taking this idea a stage further, you can use clean old food cans as a plant display on the kitchen window sill – if you love baked beans, why not tell the world! Another classic for the kitchen is a teapot on the windowsill containing a pretty leafy plant. A large beer stein filled with a spider plant looks fun in the living room as does a large model of your favourite classic car filled with an elegant leafy plant.

There are just so many ways to display your indoor plants so that they are real features in your home. Displaying them with care, using clever and original ideas that accentuate the beauty of each plant, will really add to the style and character of your home. For more information, log onto-

Big really can be beautiful! Large indoor trees with their lush green foliage just cannot be beaten as the perfect way to change the whole look and character of a room instantly. Installing a tree in your reception area, restaurant or office space is like adding a large piece of furniture or a painting as it definitely makes a bold statement. It can also define the look of the space and become an interesting focal point.  Introducing a large indoor tree into your space links it to the beautiful natural world outside. So why not be dramatic? Add a tree to your space?

Popular indoor trees


If you like the idea of an indoor tree, it is best to consider its location before               

Be dramatic add a tree to your space plants

The Swiss Cheese Plant is an ideal low maintenance choice

you buy to ensure that the tree will be well-suited. It is a good idea to assess how much natural light your tree will enjoy. Most plants need bright spaces but no direct sunlight. Another important consideration is whether your chosen tree will need a humid environment. If the answer is ‘yes’ this will involve regular misting during the warmer months.


There are a wide variety of popular indoor plants that be bought in much larger ‘tree’ sizes measuring several metres in height. Some of them like Rubber plants (Ficus roberta) and Swiss Cheese Plants (Monstera deliciosa) are low maintenance and grow easily. Kentia Palms (Howea forsteriana) and the various different types of fig trees are other good choices. If you buy one of these, it is a good idea to transplant it into a much larger pot before settling it into its new home.


If your chosen position for a plant has plenty of sunlight, a citrus tree could be a fun choice and an olive tree will certainly create a lovely Mediterranean ambiance. The Karaka tree from New Zealand is another tree to consider, but this one will need a minimum temperature of 20ºC all year round. There are many different species to choose from. Be dramatic! Add a tree to your space that suits both your style and  the room you have available. The most popular indoor trees are shown here for inspiration:



Consider buying an artificial tree


Be dramatic add a tree to your space

An indoor tree is an ideal focal point

Real trees can of course take years to grow and many of them do need care and maintenance.If you want to add a tree to your space quickly, the popular alternative is a really good quality artificial tree. The trees are manufactured in an array of different sizes and styles. They are the perfect choice if you feel that a live tree might not get the TLC it deserves. You may want to give your space a makeover and need a sizable and beautiful indoor tree to complete the new look instantly.

With an artificial tree, you can think exotic! Bamboo is trending this year and a display of artificial bamboo is the perfect way to brighten a dull corner or create a little privacy in a restaurant. An artificial banana tree certainly adds interest to an office space or reception area. These looks so realistic that customers will be waiting for your tree to fruit! 

If you would like something more traditional, the laurel ball tree  and the double laurel ball tree both add style and interest to entrances and reception areas. Leafy Lady Schefflera Trees really help bring nature indoors and others in our range of artificial trees include wisteria, palm trees, Ficus and the Pachira Tree with its distinctive braided trunk.  All of our artificial trees are perfect for adding a ‘wow’ factor to your space and will enhance earthy colours or brighter palettes. The clever trick is to choose a tree that could naturally thrive in your chosen space.  Choosing your tree carefully will make it seem truly authentic.

When big means huge!


Does your creative side feels that a really large tree is needed for your restaurant? Do you think your guests would love to dine

Be dramatic add a tree to your space

An artificial tree gives your space impact without extra work

under a leafy canopy? Do you want your reception desk under an olive tree? Be dramatic! Add a tree to your space! You will be delighted to learn that both ideas are totally achievable! We have our own made-to-measure tree service and can create the most beautiful tree to your own specifications! The trees are carefully moulded so that they have authentic textures. We are happy to create the tree of your choice – Oak, Acer, Baobab to name just a few.

The only way you will know that one of our trees is faux is to touch its leaves. The trees are created by craftsmen and fully protected so that their colours do not fade over time. Artificial trees are easy to maintain all year through.  Artificial trees always look good…and just to tempt you, they are the ideal option for using indoors or out….


For many years there has been an old wives’ tale that popping an aspirin in a vase of cut flowers helps to prolong their life. In recent years, it has been found that giving aspirins regularly to plants in various situations really is effective and we reveal that aspirins for healthy indoor plants isn’t a fallacy after all!

Trying to maintain healthy indoor plants can be a challenge, especially if they are always ‘on show’ to customers and guests such as in a reception area or restaurant. Of course, indoor plants are not always cared for properly in a busy office environment and can suffer badly from neglect. Luckily aspirins can prove to be life savers in all these situations!

How do aspirins work?

Aspirins for healthy indoor plants

Aspirins are a wonder med for indoor plants

Aspirins contain acetylsalicylic acid which helps boosts the plant’s immune system so that it can effectively fight pests, disease and physical damage – such as re-potting or taking a cutting. Indoor plants can even become stressed when you move them to a new environment. Aspirins can rejuvenate even badly neglected plants

Acetylsalic acid is the active ingredient in aspirin.  This acid is derived from salicylic acid, found naturally in the bark of white willow (Salix alba). The acid is effective on plants because many plants produce it themselves in tiny amounts. Plants produce this acid when stressed or fighting disease. Feeding them a greater supply of the acid proves beneficial. Giving the plant too much aspirin can                                                                   have a negative effect as it can burn its leaves.

How should I use aspirin on indoor plants

Asprins for healthy indoor plants

Lightly spray every three weeks

Buy normal strength aspirin for your plants. The ratio needed for indoor plants is one aspirin to every 4.5 litres of water (one gallon). Crush the aspirin carefully using a pestle and mortar and mix it into the water. Pour the water into a spray bottle and add 2-3 drops of mild dishwasher liquid. Shake the contents well to mix before using. It may sound strange to add the dishwasher liquid but this is so that the water sticks to the plant and does not just run off.

Apply this solution every three weeks for the best results. There are several benefits for regularly using aspirin as it helps protect the plant against aphids and also promotes new growth in the plant.

Always give your indoor plants the aspirin treatment if you notice that their leaves are dropping or they have changed appearance with paler leaves and flowers. Aspirin is a good treatment to use if the plant develops an infection.

Give aspirin to your cut flowers

aspirins for healthy indoor plants

Prolong the life of cut flowers

Simply pop an aspirin in the bottom of your vase. Fill the vase with water and stir well to dissolve the aspirin. Arrange your bunch of flowers in the vase. You will find that the aspirin will keep the flowers looking good and that they will last longer.


Aspirin have uses in the garden too

aspirins for healthy indoor plants

Speed up germination

As well as keeping your indoor plants in good condition, aspirin can be used in the garden too. If you are germinating trays of seeds, watering them with the same strength aspirin solution (one aspirin to 4.5 litres of water) every three weeks will prove beneficial. Feeding seeds with aspirin accelerates their growth and makes them stronger and more resistant to disease. Some gardeners declare that their germination success using aspirin increases to 95-100%.

If you have a vegetable patch, you will find that giving the plants a regular aspirin treatment will work wonders! The plants will develop more quickly and produce more vegetables/ fruit. The aspirin treatment can be used throughout the growing season and is particularly beneficial to tomatoes, aubergine (eggplant), cucumber, peppers and potatoes.


It is definitely beneficial to always have some aspirins at the ready. Unfortunately, although using aspirin is a really good hack, they cannot always work wonders on indoor plants. Are your plants are struggling as they are not in the ideal location or do not have the correct light? If you want plants to always look in tip-top condition, investing in top quality faux plants is definitely the perfect solution!